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There are many ways to participate in the volunteer effort supporting Coastal Interpretive Center. Consider the question "What is my passion?" and it is certain there will be a way to fit in! Contact the Center at 360-289-4617, send us an email at info@interpretivecenter.org, or come in to the Center to get involved.

Docents at the Center

Coastal Interpretive Center employs two part-time docents, but there is a need for volunteers to help out every day the Center is open. These people interact with and inform visitors, and cashier in the bookstore. No special knowledge is required, you learn as you go! A background check is required.


Nothing is more valuable than word-of-mouth and face-to-face contact. We always have a need for people to distribute flyers, recruit members, and “talk up” the Center. Volunteer to work at an event table, post event flyers around town, or talk on the radio.


Visit our Committees page. Every committee listed has room for more bodies, expertise, and energy! It is our over-arching goal to keep the Center expanding its presence and vitality and for this a broad pool of ideas is needed.

Speakers, Teachers, Presenters

If you have an area of expertise you would love to share, we host an annual Lecture Series for which we welcome interesting topics and presenters related to the mission of the Center. We also like to host field trips, workshops, artwork, and book signings at the Center.


News, photos, and articles related to the mission of the Center are welcome and will be considered for posting in the e-newsletter "Coastal Glimpses" or on this website. Pictures in jpg/jpeg format and documents that can be read using Microsoft Word are preferred.