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Rededication cont'd:

Walter and Elone founded the bookstore, originally located in a small room now used as a closet. Walter named the bookstore in 1999. It was moved into the room in the northwest corner of the building, and later enlarged to the room now called the Touch-Learn-Explore room. The bookstore currently occupies the front end of the building and sports new windows and matching bookshelves built by master woodcrafter Dennis Hogan. Dennis also made the plaque presented at this ceremony.

Walter and Elone were the initial operators of the bookstore in the early 1990s and have remained the leaders keeping the retail function of Damon's Outpost vital throughout the last three decades.

Board President Jim Nagan said, "Damon's Outpost is an important part of Coastal Interpretive Center's educational mission. Today we would like to rededicate the bookstore, our new bookstore, in honor of the Weeds for their tremendous effort over the years to our bookstore operation, our retail operation, and their countless hours of volunteer service."