Science or Education Volunteers

We are currently looking for people with experience in the sciences or education to help promote the Center's mission of engaging the public about the natural and man-made environments of the Washington State coast.   The Education Committee of the CIC would welcome anyone interested in promoting the natural history, human history, and ecology of the coastal environment.

The CIC currently offers a 3-day summer Ecology Youth Program focused on the marine, upland, and fresh-water environs for 5th graders, a 4-module STEM Enrichment Program for 6th graders, and a Lecture Series from October through March for anyone interested in learning about natural history, human history, and ecology of the Washington State coast.  A program for 3rd and 4th graders is being developed, as well as a program for high school students, but the CIC is open to any ideas for expanding its educational mission.

The CIC would welcome any individuals interested in promoting knowledge of the Washington coastal man-made and natural environments.  The Education Committee currently meets at 6:30pm on the first Monday of each month, but is open to modifications to accommodate membership.  Please contact Nevin Aspinwall, email naspinwall1@gmail.com if interested, or if you want more information. 

Strategic Planning

Coastal Interpretive Center needs “critical thinkers” to help us attain our long-term goals.  We are looking for people with planning expertise who would love an opportunity to put it to use in a rewarding way. Help us plan a future that will not only be educational, but also exciting, interesting, informational, and fun for our local residents and visitors. Contact President Nancy Eldridge at neldridge@interpretivecenter.org or call her at 360-589-7189.

Rain Watch

This volunteer position helps and communicates with the entire Ocean Shores community by monitoring the several rain gauges installed on the Pt. Brown Peninsula. Under the tutelage of longtime rainfall wizard, Walter Weed, you'll learn the ropes of checking on the gauges and compiling the report that is sent out to the community monthly and published in the Ocean Observer, Coastal Glimpses, and various websites. Contact CIC Board Past-President Jim Nagan at cicjnagan@gmail.com or Walter Weed at weweed@coastaccess.com.


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