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2019-20 LECTURE - 10/17/19

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Larry Workman, photographer, Communications Department Manager at Quinault Indian Nation


"Quinault Country from Peak to Sea"


This presentation will briefly highlight the natural and cultural history of the Quinault Region. Most of the presentation will look at the events and activities leading up to the land and river conditions we see today, and what the Quinault Indian Nation has done and plans to do with its natural resources and economic development.

      Larry Workman is the Centralized Communications Department manager with the Quinault Indian Nation (QIN). He began his career in natural resources and communication following his graduation from Purdue University in 1970 with a three year tour of duty in the US Peace Corps on a reforestation assignment in Northern Ethiopia. While there he developed a passionate interest in human-land relationships.

      He began working for the QIN in 1974 to help lay down the roots for the newly-formed forestry program. In 1978 he became a Natural Resource Interpreter and began producing publications and programs to help stimulate Quinault members’ interest and understanding in the natural resource programs of QIN. In the mid 1990s his role was expanded to include all QIN activities.

      He is a national award winning photographer and editor. Using his photography and interest in natural sciences and history, he produced several books which include Land of the Quinault and Land of Trees, over 40 annual calendars, edited a natural resources magazine, is current editor of QIN’s monthly paper Nugguam and worked on many other tribal publications.

      Larry was on the board of the Washington Press Association for nearly 15 years, serving in several positions including president and high school contest director.

            Larry enjoys hiking and camping in the Olympic Mountains and traveling to and spending time in other wilderness locations.

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Shilo Inn, Ocean Shores, 6:30 p.m.