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2019-20 LECTURE 11/21/19

Thursday, November 21, 2019

David Ellis, Olympic Project


"Sasquatch: A mystery walks among us..."


If you live in the Pacific Northwest, sooner or later you will hear the words Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Your reaction will be based on your personal experience. Some folks have Bigfoot lore woven in their culture. Many others have had face-to-face encounters.
The notion of a large bipedal hairy upright creature spans the globe. Yeti, Almasty, Mapinguari, Omah, Siatco, Skookum are names associated with the creature. So there is more than one and apparently they come in many shapes and sizes.
Is it possible a large creature has the sentient capabilities to exist among us and yet stay so illusive? Many say yes, others say no. This speaker will review some of the evidence he and other investigators have collected.

David Ellis, born and raised in Washington State, earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington. He is married, has children, is retired and lives in the Puget Sound region. He can relate personal Sasquatch encounters from his childhood and has followed the Bigfoot Phenomenon since 1963. He took his interest to the field in 2006, and joined Derek Randles in the Olympic Project in 2010. He gravitated toward a documentation focus in his study and research, and his areas of special interest and self-taught proficiency are track casting and audio recording and analysis. He has reviewed thousands of hours of audio using bioacoustics methods and has collected hundreds of suspicious audio vocalization clips.

$10 Admission at the door each Thursday evening. $50 season tickets available at Coastal Interpretive Center or at the first two lectures.

Shilo Inn, Ocean Shores, 6:30 p.m.