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Much of the operations of Coastal Interpretive Center is done by volunteer committee members. Help is always needed for this effort, both in worker and leadership roles.

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans education curricula, outreach, and services. Off-season activities include updating education materials, planning learning activities, and training volunteer docents to assist with the many school classes and youth groups that visit the Center. During spring and summer the committee conducts day camps and field trips. 


Finance Committee

This committee reviews policies and procedures for financial aspects of Center operation. 


Fundraising and Membership Committee

As a 501(C)3 non-profit organization we are constantly seeking funds to further our mission and grow the Center.  The Fundraising/Membership Committee will work to maintain and increase membership, develop ongoing annual fundraising events, appeal to donors, and develop ideas of one-time or limited-time fundraising opportunities. All individuals interesting in applying creativity and innovation are invited to participate in this committee, which typically meets once a month.


Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee carries the responsibility for production of social media posts, website content & maintenance, production and distribution of flyers, event tickets, news stories, and advertising. 

Retail Committee

Damon’s Outpost retail business is a key component of the Center’s revenue generation.  The Retail Committee’s goal is to provide items for purchase that will appeal to the Center's visitors, relate to our exhibits, and offer educational value. The committee reviews suggestions for new items, researches prices and content, coordinates purchasing, plans displays, and advises on operations at the Outpost. 


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee's purpose is to advise the Board regarding the Center's use of current technology and best practices. Hardware, software, support, training, and standard operating procedures will be addressed and implemented.

T-LEAF Committee (5 subcommittees)

  • T = Trails. Responsible for maintenance of Weatherwax trail and the CIC McGee Nature Trail.

  • L = Landscape. Provide labor resources, research & design, and construction in all projects associated with the outside grounds at Coastal Interpretive Center. 

  • E = Exhibits. Plan and implements dynamic displays and exhibits, oversees exhibit upgrades,

  • A = Accessions. Oversee acquisition of new materials, donations, andinventory/storage of exhibit materials.

  • F = Facilities. Complete maintenance tasks and construction projects on the buildings at the Center, in support of the Center's mission.

Volunteers Committee

Volunteer recruitment for Center and retail store operations, special events, and maintenance activities is the purpose of the Volunteer Committee. This group also oversees scheduling processes and training for volunteers and staff, and maintains a database of all volunteer applicants.